Assign a Tag to a Contact in Infusionsoft using Affiliates Pro

If you’re using Affiliates Pro, and Infusionsoft, you might want to tag the Infusionsoft contact for an affiliate, once they have signed up.

Here’s a handy function to do that.

Important: You need to installed the Infusionsoft SDK plugin first (or add the SDK to your theme yourself).

// Affiliate added
add_action( 'affiliates_added_affiliate', 'my_affiliates_added_affiliate' );
function my_affiliates_added_affiliate( $affiliate_id ) {

  global $wpdb;

  $groupid = 1601; // Set your tag id from Infusionsoft

  // Get the AffiliatesPro details from WP
  $affiliate = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM wp_aff_affiliates WHERE affiliate_id = $affiliate_id");
  $affiliate = current($affiliate);

  // Get the contact details from InfusionSoft
  $contacts = Infusionsoft_DataService::query(new Infusionsoft_Contact(), array('Email' =>   $affiliate->email));
  $found = array_shift($contacts);

  $contactID = $found->Id;

  // Got it

  // Add the tag in Infusionsoft
  Infusionsoft_ContactService::addToGroup($contactID, $groupid);


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